50 Tileable Roughness Maps For Surface Imperfection

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- 50 Tileable Roughness Maps – 8-Bit PNG – 4096 x 4096
- Tutorial – How to Paint Selective Roughness in Substance Painter
- Tutorial - Setting Up and Using My Roughness Maps in Cinema 4D and Octane Render

7 Categories of Roughness Maps

- Combined (Dust, Dirt, Scratches, Smudges, Stains, Fingerprints)
- Scratches
- Streaks
- Smudges
- Dust
- Stains
- Fingerprints

In reality perfectly clean surfaces do not exist. Even the cleanest surfaces contain imperfections. Whether its subtle scratches from wiping a surface or fingerprints left on a surface from dirty hands.

To push more towards realism within the 3D realm, roughness maps help us to add surface imperfection onto 3D surfaces. Since these are regular roughness maps they can be used in any 3D program.


NEW PRODUCT - 50 Tileable Roughness Maps For Surface Imperfection (PROMO VIDEO) (skip to 5s)

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Travis davids gif roughnessmaps 3
Travis davids gif roughnessmaps 1
Travis davids roughness map before and after

Quickly add surface imperfection onto your 3D models using roughness maps.

Travis davids smaller version all roughness maps

All roughness maps included. 7 Categories. Scratches, Dust, Smudges, Stains, Streaks, Fingerprints and Combined.

Travis davids dust2 basecolor10

Adjust the gamma value to change the look and feel of the roughness maps.

Travis davids reduce uv transform scale for better quality

100% Tileable. 4K Resolution. 8-BIT PNG.

Travis davids use roughness as bump

Feeling creative? Try and use some of the roughness maps as bump maps as well to add more texture onto your 3d surface.

Travis davids 50 roughness maps preview1
Travis davids 50 roughness maps preview2
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