NeurO-Optics - Bionic Optic Implants

I had an idea of a near future concept that doesn't sound too farfetched. This concept is believable but also includes tongue-in-cheek humor. Welcome to Neuro-Optics. You are now granted the opportunity to improve your vision and change your eye color with bionic optics. 

Implants wouldn't be cheap but it would help the visually impaired as well. Humans could also voluntarily replace their normal eyes with bionic implants. In order to use Neuro-Optics, you would need a subscription service to access a large library of eye designs. Neuro-Optics also guarantees 20/5 vision (Eagle Vision - A normal human has 20/20 vision. In comparison to a normal human-being, with 20/5 vision you can see things from 20 feet away that a normal human eye can only see from 5 feet away. This is the best vision imaginable). 

Users would be able to download official designs as well as user created designs via an app and have them synced and applied to their eyes. Some optics would even grant special traits (xray vision) while others just look really cool. 

This also brings safety into the question. Having technology be a part of your body is controversial. What if someone uploads a bionic optic with a virus that causes a short circuit? Who knows what could happen. 

What do you think? Believable or not? 

This project was completed using Daz Studio, Marvelous Designer, Pixologic Zbrush, Cinema 4D and Octane Render