ELE'GARNCE Prosthetic Arm

"It's the age of technology and human beings are going to extreme lengths to embrace technology. Body parts is the biggest trend and it's also a huge fashion statement.
Human beings are openly agreeing to amputate their limbs in order to get fitted with prosthetics. It's all about who has the best limbs in today's age.

Companies like ELE'GARNCE are offering premium packages of their brand new V2 prosthetic that includes safe and fast amputation with the brand new V2 prosthetic replacing your lost limb. Don't get left out, join us."

Completed using Zbrush, Marvelous Designer, Cinema 4D, Octane Render, Substance Designer and Daz.

This was actually just an exercise to see what i could do with panel/edge loops in zbrush but i decided to add some narrative as well.

Travis davids x arm3

In 2077 Man Becomes Machine. We go to extreme lengths by amputating our limbs in order to embrace technology.

Travis davids elegarnce arm1
Travis davids elegarnce arm2
Travis davids nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Travis davids nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn2
Travis davids arm2
Travis davids arm3
Travis davids arm4
Travis davids arm1
Travis davids elegarnce arm1 collection

ELE'GARNCE Prosthetic Arm

Travis davids elegarnce arm1 collection2

Available in White & Silver and Black & Gold.

Travis davids elegarnce arm1 collection3

Closeup Shot & Different Angles of the ELE'GARNCE Prosthetic Arm