"In 2077 human beings take the plunge to become the machine.

Has technology gone too far? The first successful case of transferring a human beings consciousnesses into a machine has been documented. The procedure is offered at the ultimate price...your life as a human being BUT with the guarantee that you will continue to live as the machine. This essentially offers immortality because once consciousness has been capable of being transferred you can continue to live through multiple machines.

ELE'GARNCE promises that the entire procedure is completely safe and they can 100% guarantee a successful transfer of your consciousness into a machine."

Completed using Zbrush, Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Daz, Ten24 (3D Scanned Human). Cinema 4D, Octane Render, Photoshop.

Travis davids news final
Travis davids darya final

Darya Davids living as a machine in a 26 year old version of herself. The perks of becoming a machine means that you will never age. She remains 26 forever.

Transference (Reveal effect)

Travis davids darya final2

Panel removed showcasing a part of the machine.

Travis davids darya final3
Travis davids darya final5
Travis davids darya final8
Travis davids darya final9
Travis davids darya final4

Elegant ornate detailing fused with robotics. ELE'GARNCE prides itself in making aesthetically pleasing but functional robotics.

Travis davids darya final10
Travis davids darya final12

A full production line of ELE'GARNCE REBORNS. Take the plunge and become the machine.

Travis davids darya final13

THE MACHINE. Designed to look like a human beings ecorche. This could be your next body. Take the plunge.