Beyond The Black Rainbow Tribute

Yes this is a tribute to Beyond The Black Rainbow BUT i have altered the design as i didn't want to copy it exactly. I did the original color scheme and color grading but then did versions with a new color scheme as well.

Anyway, i found the mirror scene quite compelling and recreated it using Fusion 360, Marvelous Designer, Zbrush and Octane Render. The helmet started in F360 BUT F360 is still too limiting for certain stuff and zbrush helps me solve a lot of design issues. MD was PERFECT for creating the suit and F360 came in handy for quickly doing the environment.

I think the hardest part of this study was the lighting. Lighting is a beast to tackle and this is why you get artists that specialize in lighting as there is so many factors that come into play. I don't think it's perfect and i still have much to explore with lighting in Octane but alas, i finished this, now its time to move on.