Female Sculpting Practice

I'm done with this now. Conceptually its boring but hey, this was just practice for myself to see if i could actually sculpt a human. ZBRUSH x Marvelous Designer x Octane Render x Daz for a low poly base. I think hair was probably the most challenging aspect for me and i tried multiple programs. Xgen for Maya, Ornatrix for 3D Studio Max and Fibermesh in Zbrush. I felt like fibermesh gave me the most control and i learnt so much just about hair in general and that you don't create hair as just a single clump of masked hair because then it looks like shit. Hair has clumps and should be created in pieces that work together. I treated hair as anatomy as well and broke it down. I still think Xgen has insane potential but i didn't explore it enough. I felt comfortable using fibermesh. I still don't know entirely how to create a really good shader with anistropic highlights. HAIR IS DIFFICULT and still much to learn lol but this project was fun and challenging.