The Fauna Collection

The Fauna Collection is a collection of animated art pieces of fictional animals that exist in a fictional version of earth and beyond. I'm combining art + backstory into a single art piece.

The 3 Fauna include an extremely rare Albino Giraffe from South Africa. A Glass Glyder from Iceland and a rare Akita Inu with a natural pink coat from Japan.

Here is some more backstory about the location Gods Window, where the Albino Giraffe is found.

God's Window is a calming endless looped animation that I created to show my appreciation for both the flora and fauna. Please listen with the audio turned on and enjoy the sound of nature. I created a grass tunnel to make it appear as if you were looking through a window at one of the most beautiful lookout points in a fictional version of Elgin Valley, South Africa. 

I have been to the real Elgin Valley and while you won't see albino giraffes walking around, the magnificent scenery is something I will never forget. At the end of God's Window you will find a rare species of animal, the albino giraffe. The scenery is otherworldly with turquoise foggy hues in the distance and turquoise water. The journey to the end of God's window is always worth visiting. 

There are a lot of animated elements in this artwork. From the animated giraffe to the smallest details like the dogs tail wagging. I really wanted to create something special. Created with Daz Studio, Cinema 4D, Octane Render and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Albino Giraffe - Music - Beautiful Life / Inspirational Cinematic Background Music No Copyright by Kenneth Sound
Glass Glyder - Music - Juan Sanchez - Angelic Music - No Copyright
Akita Inu - Music - Steffen Daum - Awakening - No Copyright

Gods Window. The Window To Existence.

Behind The Scenes

A full 42 minute breakdown of how I created God's Window.

AI Version using IMG2IMG

AI Version using IMG2IMG