Marvelous Designer - Mens Collection - Outfit #3

During April i challenged myself to create complete outfits with Marvelous Designer. I no longer just wanted to drape random cloth over characters but instead i wanted delve deeper into the the world of fashion design and gain a much deeper understanding of how clothing is actually sewn together so i decided to create 4 unique outfits in totally different styles. This exercise not only made me understand a bunch of awesome tools i never used in Marvelous Designer before but it also completely changed the way i look at clothing nowadays. I can look at practically any piece of clothing and break it down into simple shapes and then sew them back together. It taught me some valuable problem solving skills as well and showed me just how incredibly powerful Marvelous Designer is. I also take my clothing over to zbrush to add further detail as i still feel marvelous designer can only do so much for me. It was a really fun exercise and now i'm really addicted to this program.