Photogrammetry - Reconstructing Images Into 3D Objects

I've decided to cover my entire process for photogrammetry. Download via this link > I've been asked tons of questions related to this stuff so I thought it would be beneficial to share what I know so far. I wanted to make this accessible to everyone because it's really cool technology to play around with.

This documentation aims to teach you general theory, tips and tricks, troubleshooting and hopefully get you ready to start playing around with photogrammetry. Its a general guideline covering my process but since photogrammetry is trial and error, you will still need to experiment.

I do my best to give you a guideline to hopefully shoot more successfully and produce more successful scans. I've included lots of images of real world examples of objects. I've included these images to help guide you with the process. I hope you enjoy it and good luck with your photogrammetry journey.

Travis davids photogrammatrygumrox

Download via this link >

Travis davids sneakertrav

Sneaker scan.

Travis davids sneakertrav2

Sneaker scan, quite a lot of detail reconstructed. Learn how to shoot sneakers in my tutorial as well. Available via this link > Download via this link >

Travis davids photogrammetry

A scene containing 4 scanned items (shelf, table, wall and pot plant) Its 100% phtogrammetry

Travis davids testtttttt7

Different lighting set up for the previous scene.