Elena The Hacker


Meet Elena, a hacker and a complete badass with her signature mustard yellow AK-47 that is her closet companion. Fluent in English, Afrikaans and German, this dangerous hacker is someone you probably don't want to cyber bully because she will revoke your account access to life.com.

I used a combination of 3D and 2D for this piece but it is 90% 3D. I did some heavy plastic surgery in Photoshop for the face because i hate the daz faces, they look like expensive dolls. Human faces are so damn hard to get right, a minor change can make something look completely off. Its such a delicate process. There are probably minor things i'm not seeing here that can be improved upon. Thank you to Linus, Roman and Lars for the feedback and helping me sort some issues with the face. I'll try this technique again and try and get better and go back to basics to understand the anatomy of the face again.