The Haunting World Of Artificial Intelligence

The terrifying, beautiful and haunting world of artificial intelligence.

The following images are intended to disturb you.

My recent visit to Italy inspired me to see how artificial intelligence interprets artwork by master painters and sculptors like Caravaggio, Bernini and Michelangelo. Each of these images were generated in just a couple seconds. I have fallen in love with baroque and renaissance artwork so I wanted to put a haunting twist on it.

I've essentially constructed sentences for Midjourney to create haunting depictions that merges both paintings and sculptures. The results are interesting and quite frankly, terrifyingly beautiful!

For those who don't know how this was created, I'm using artificial intelligence called Midjourney that is capable of creating imagery by simply analyzing written text. It's technology of the future and the perfect tool for generating ideas. Embrace it! This tech still won't replace human input, it's too abstract in my opinion. These are all raw outputs.

What are your thoughts about A.I art? Do you feel threatened as a creative or excited to incorporate it into your workflow?

Welcome to the bizarre, terrifying world of artificial intelligence.