Internal Flame

Internal flame is a poetic image that encompasses love, life and death.
The melting candlelike appearance is symbolic of life, or the passing of time. Just as the candle melts, so does our time on earth.
The love they share is eternal and represented as an internal flame when the lights dim. An everlasting flame. They choose to spend their lives together.
The dimmed light version utilizes both translucency and negative space to emphasize the silhouette of a warm embrace.
The selection of flora is also deliberate. The plant is called an Everlasting and perfectly represents the narrative of my image.
All of the candle wax was sculpted in Zbrush. The entire scene was lit and rendered with Cinema 4D and Octane Render.

Internal Flame. Eternal Flame.

Short timelapse sculpting melted wax in zbrush.