Cyberpunk Female Jacket - Marvelous Designer

A Cyberpunk Jacket i created with Marvelous Designer 8, Zbrush and Substance Designer. Inspired by the world of Cyberpunk 2077 and Deus Ex. I wanted to challenge myself to create a cyberpunk garment and do all of the detailing using tileable patterns i created as i felt that it gave me more freedom to explore with shapes. I also wanted the whole aesthetic of this jacket to be asymmetrical by including a big folded collar. MD gave me a great base to work with and all detailing like sculpting new folds, adjusting seams, adding thickness, fixing the shape and the overall read of the silhouette was completed in Zbrush.
The jacket was detailed using my product called 100 Tileable Displacement Patterns Part 2 that you can get via these links if you're interested.

Cyberpunk Female Jacket Created With Marvelous Designer

Cyberpunk Female Garment V2 - 4D VIDEO TECH FABRIC

Travis davids jacket back to back

Cyberpunk Female Jacket. Back To Back. Geosphere pattern sleeves for that true Cyberpunk Aesthetic.

Travis davids g1
Travis davids g2
Travis davids g3

Micro details, geosphere normal pattern scaled down to create micro fabric detail

Travis davids g4
Travis davids back
Travis davids sleeve variation 1
Travis davids sleeve variation 2
Travis davids detailing breakdown

100 Tileable Displacement Patterns Available Via These Links

Travis davids elana wearing jacket variant

Elana wearing the Cyberpunk Jacket with a Sleeve Variant.

Travis davids jacket back to back alternate colorways

Color variation.

Travis davids fix shape

Zbrush plays a very important role in finalizing garments and fixing shapes that would be too difficult to simulate with MD. I also add thickness to my garment in Zbrush instead of MD.

Travis davids comp
Travis davids cyberpunk female outfit