Realistic Animated Raindrop Material


- Fully Animated Realistic Raindrop Image Sequence (Drips + Static Raindrops)
- Fully Animated Realistic Raindrop Image Sequence (Just The Drips)
- Dirty Roughness Map (Single Texture)
- 479 Frames
- 4K Resolution
- Bump + Roughness Map
- Quick Tutorial Showing You How To Setup The Material With Cinema 4D & Octane Render.

This raindrop sequence can be applied onto any 3D geometry surface so get creative! The animation loops seamlessly but its not tileable.

Recommended Program

Created and used with Cinema 4D & Octane Render. As long as your 3D program can use image sequences you should be able to take full advantage of these maps. If you don't want to go the animated route you can still gain access to 479 unique raindrop frames that you can use as still images by simply adding it to the bump on preferably a specular material to get the raindrop look.

NEW PRODUCT - Realistic Animated Raindrop Material (PROMO VIDEO) (skip to 1s)

Travis davids raindropsphere
Travis davids raindrop gumrox mainimage3


Travis davids raindrop windownew
Travis davids raindrop 3images 5seconds
Travis davids raindrop gumrox 5second
Travis davids raindrop anygeometry 5seconds

Works on any piece of 3D Geometry so get creative!

Travis davids raindrop anygeometry car
Travis davids raindropcreepy
Travis davids raindrop manilia 5seconds
Travis davids raindrop gumrox mainimage4

Achieve different looks by using the bump map on its own or with the roughness maps supplied.