First ever Learn Squared student collaboration?

So i teamed up with Lars Sowig. I wanted to use Lars's robotic character as well as my human character ZEK that we created during Alex Matthew Figini LEARNED SQUARED course. I asked Lars to send me his character DISC and i gave myself a challenge to use just these 2 models in a single pose to create multiple narratives. I was still responsible for creating all of the imagery but i am truly grateful for Lars sending me his character as i felt that it added more direction and narrative to the images.

Its pretty damn challenging to get characters to blend with backplate images but i tried my hardest. All images were rendered in KEYSHOT. There's a very fine balance when doing this stuff but the key is good color grading as it blends everything together.

ZEK and DISC used to work together and be in the same gang. ZEK, being the scumbag he is betrayed DISC. He's lies caught up to him and so the chaos ensues.

This is why i love 3D so mu

Travis davids faceoff2

ZEK betrays DISC.

Travis davids headoff

DISC gets his revenge.

Travis davids headoff3

The demise of ZEK is imminent.

Travis davids teamoff

The inception. ZEK & DISC form their own racketeering gang involved in tracking down individuals with high value augments and stealing their augmented body parts to further enhance and sell on the black market.

Travis davids lars sowig asdas

Lars Sowig's render of our characters together.