Tribal Paint (Substance Painter Texturing Practice)

Some texturing practice with Substance Painter but i've also recorded a tutorial on my youtube channel just showing you how to setup and start painting DAZ models. Its not an indepth painting tutorial.

Watch via this link >

I've never seen a tutorial that shows you how to setup and paint daz models in Substance Painter so i had to put something together. I'm not painting the thumbnail image in the tutorial, instead i show you the techniques to set up everything so you can start painting and creating something awesome. All of the paint work was done in Substance Painter. The only exception is the eyes, i photobashed my own eyes, the 3D model is actually myself...without my beard lol.

Instead of sculpting hi-res pores and skin detail in zbrush i wanted to try and do that in substance painter by adjusting the height on certain materials and just painting the skin detail directly onto the normal map.

Octane render single light test.

Octane render single light test.